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About Alarm Services

Paid Human Alarm Calls

Humans, real Wake Me Up Agent will make best efforts to wake you up through calls for 15 minutes.

They would even call on alternative number that you provide. Price Rs.5000 Per month, everyday calls.

Free Computer Calls

Computer, Auto initiated calls to be made through computer that would be one time lasting approx. 1 minute of time stated by you.

A simple whatsapp message through click on brand name above is required.

About Us

Wake Me Up Agent was started during 2017. The service is about Waking People Up or Giving them important reminders through free computer version or paid, reliable human calls version. We have delivered more than 6000 (Six Thousand) Wake Up Calls. Services are provided to Indian as well foriegn clients.

We look forward to provide best of Wake Up Calls (Alarms calls) and important reminders as far as 3 months duration.

Providing Best of services.

Contact Us


Wake Me Up Agent (alarm service), SCO 2445, Sector -22C,
Chandigarh, India - 160022


M: +91-8427884411


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